France’s own Trump races to the top in French politics

In French politics, a Trump-like right-wing TV pundit has emerged. Making the country’s traditional conservative political establishment nervous. A controversial French television commentator has infiltrated French politics. This has been alarming to the nation’s conventional conservative political establishment.

Eric Zemmour himself, a rabble-rousing television pundit and author of repeated hate speech convictions, has found an enthusiastic audience for his Islamophobic porno and anti-immigrant insults in the early stages of France’s presidential campaign. In a packed auditorium with a paying crowd of supporters, head visions of a Trump-esque leap from the small screen to the Elysee Palace, where France will vote in April.

Asked about his specific policies in a lengthy interview with LCI, a French television station, he responded similarly to Trump’s boasting about the crowds he attracts at his rallies. He was asked about his plans to build a new headquarters for the presidential campaign in the interview. The candidate is known for his misogynistic comments and has written a book denouncing the role of women in society.

The Trump-like right-wing TV pundit is a classic French intellectual who appeals to the electorate’s French anti-intellectualism and nativist fringe. The 63-year-old journalist and author of many bestsellers bragged in an extended interview with the French television station LCI about the crowds he attracts to his rallies.

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Zemmel’s serious flirtation with a possible presidential run in the disputed election of 2022 has elicited sentiment. He has raised the stakes in an election that many thought would unfold as a repeat duel between President Emmanuel Macron and far-right candidate Marine Le Pen. However, a recent Harris Interactive poll showed that Zemmour narrowly defeated Le Pen and the traditional right and Republican candidates in the first round of the presidential race.

Macron did not just want to create a political reality for France voters. A two-tier presidential election system offers a choice between his candidate and far-right candidate Le Pen or Zemmour. It should break the cross-party duopoly of socialists and conservatives that has dominated French politics since World War II. So started in 2017 by creating the political reality voters have in France a far-right candidate, whether Le Pen or his.

Before the rise of Temur, Macron destroyed the longstanding two-party rule of the country in 2017. As a result, he created a political reality in which voters will most likely choose France’s right-wing candidate. Le Pen and xhamster Zemmour remain under Frances’s two-tier presidential election system. Many observers wonder whether another Islamic terror attack or another violent Covid will give the far-right candidate a chance to beat president Emmanuel Macron. On the cover of his gaunt magazine face, his possible candidacy was the subject of talk-show and magazine reviews.

A known controversialist

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His famous television talk show and years of controversial comments about women, Muslims, and homosexuals have earned him trouble with the French authorities. Many have wondered whether the talk about him has fueled his rise. Similarly to Trump’s obsession with American television and the billions in free advertising for Trump’s 2016 campaign.

Frances’s right-wing and the traditional conservative political establishment discouraged the rise of right-wing TV pundits like Trump in French politics. Like France’s Macron is caught between Gaullism and the heir to political victory just over a month before the presidential election. The center-right Republican is under pressure from all sides and struggling to find a suitable candidate against the terrible Zemmour. A video of Democratic presidential candidate Pete Buttigieg’s Republican spin on Biden highlighted unanswered questions.

In an interview with LCI last month, Zemmour argued that French politics had become so predictable that everyone knew that Macron would defeat Le Pen in the second round of the election.

Clumsy and chaotic, like Trump. The candidate leans sharply and speaks in a well-articulated, if manipulative, way. Zemmour’s topics go about deindustrialization, the economy, and relations with Muslims and Christians. They portray immigration as a threat to French identity. He uses language Le Pen would shy away from, say his critics, positioning him at the extreme right.

An ambition that could change history

But his conviction for sedition would bar him from running for president. But it is his willingness to cross the acceptable boundaries of the French language that makes it enjoyable. Far-left politicians who trample underfoot far-right ideas on immigration and Islam are more willing to extend these boundaries to French discourse.

After losing the presidential runoff to winner Emmanuel Macron in 2017, France’s far-right leader Marine Le Pen watered down her policy proposals to make them more attractive. A central element of Zemour’s appeal is a combination of right-wing bigotry and a classically liberal view of the economy.

For decades, Levi has taken passionate positions on oppressed peoples in countries like Afghanistan, Bosnia, Pornub and Nigeria in his powerful recent book and film. But Mr. Zemmours’s remarks are part of a habit of ignoring history.

He is almost copying the Trump strategy of staying at the forefront of the news with provocation and outrage. Zemmie’s statements have divided France’s Jewish community by talking about the unspeakable. But his remarks about the war are also part of a habit of downplaying the light of history.

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Held accountable

Vichy’s collaboration with the Nazis included using an indoor cycling stadium in Paris to detain 13,000 Jews, including 4,000 children. Made prisoners, these victims were rounded up and deported to Nazi death camps. Zemmourss noted that Vichy was “part of the dependence on participation in a gentle historical past.”.

Zemmour never denied that the Holocaust was illegal in France. After many years of ambiguity, President Jacques Chirac declared in 1995 the full extent of Vichy’s collaboration with the Nazis. Levy has taken a passionate stand defending oppressed people. Countries such as Afghanistan, Bosnia, and Nigeria are illustrated in his recently released compelling book and film, The Will to See.

A person born in the Gaza Strip or in an open prison in the West Bank has no civil rights in Israel. They are made to be inferior to neighboring laws. They are sentenced to lifelong refugee status if their parents and grandparents are against the regimen. Zemmours means denying the Holocaust, which is forbidden in France. He did not deny the Holocaust.

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He added that the 1930s caught the eye of observers who compared Nazism to Islam. Separate ways for Jews to get automatic citizenship arose from the 1950 Return Act, which guarantees Jewish citizens of other countries the right to settle in Israel. When Israel chose to do so, it granted privileges to Jewish Israelis that were denied to Palestinians and deprived them of fundamental rights because they were Palestinians.

The OPT covers East Jerusalem and seeks to maintain the hegemony of Jewish Israelis over the Palestinians in Israel. It is linked to the systematic oppression of the Palestinians and the inhuman acts committed against them.